Monday, June 1, 2009

my company

welcome to my blog about on-line shopping bag, this site show sample bag in my company, and i want advertise my product, and i trust if i make blog about my company i will give add my consumen in the world.

I think this my blog is bad, cause i a new user in blog.
my company was 20 years ago, my company was have any product bag, like women bag, office bag, anime bag, children bag, laptop bag, and many more...
in this blog i only show a part picture bag.

you can shopping and trust with quality export bag in this sample picture bag.
you can order your product it's self, and we receive order delivery.
can transfer, can send your product and we can make it very well.
you can send your order in :

Addres : Jl. sadang 119 RT.01/13 Margahayu tengah bandung Indonesia 40225
Telp : (022) 540-2477 / (022)762-59794
Email :

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